KEI SHIGENAGA is a handcrafted jewelry label founded by a designer Kei Shigenaga and a creative director Wataru Shimosato who share same vision and perspective for making adornments.

All our jewelry is carefully produced by hand in the studio, located in Tokyo, Japan for preeminent quality.


The designer, Shigenaga, was fortuned to live in the United States for about seven years including the time he had learned silversmith in New York, where he had absorbed all kinds of various culture.

After years of living in foreign country, he realized the unique tradition of Japanese culture and respectable artisan works.


And the director, Shimosato, has been living in New York for about ten years and working in the fashion industry, it has brought him to consciously pursue about his own identity and the same thoughts as well as the designer realized.


Since we both have the same experience, different cultures and the mixture of Japanese tradition is the key elements to our adornments.


We believe craftsmanship should not be diminished, and there are still a few people who can share the same point of view with us. 

Slowly but certainly, we keep creating and curating our pieces, and we hope you can join in on our long journey. 



Co-founders Kei Shigenaga & Wataru Shimosato


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