Shin 3 Combination 24k

Shin 3 Combination 24k



24k gold (100% pure gold) with hand polished finish. Since our products are processed by hand, no two items result are identical. 



Shin was inspired by a spine, and the name means core in Japanese.

24k gold is not a popular material compared to 18k, 20k, or 22k for gold jewelry due to its softness. Softer material means that it gets scratches or dents easier and also more difficult to finish producing beautifully.
People usually think having scratches is "damaged", but we think it is "aged". Use more, and you will get more characters. We believe it is a true luxury to have unique history and memories with your adornments. That is the reason we decided to produce our signature "Shin" ring in 24k gold.

Keep putting on for years, and you will get your beautiful one of a kind jewelry in the future.


Circumference for ring size

  • US 5 - JP 9 : 49.2mm

  • US 6 - JP 11 : 51.3mm

  • US 6.5~7 -JP 13 : 53.4mm

  • US 7.5~8 - JP 15 : 55.5mm

  • US 8.5 - JP 17 : 57.6mm

  • US 9.5 - JP 19 : 59.7mm

  • US 10~10.5 - JP 21 : 61.8mm

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Please expect about a month to 2 months for the item to be shipped
If you have a trouble with the size you ordered, you may return to resize within 7 days after the arrival.
For more information, please see "Customer Care".


24k Goldの作品はオーダー完了後、発送までに1ヶ月から2ヶ月ほどお時間を頂いております。

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