Trunk Show and Limited Collaboration Piece with EŸN VAS

We are happy to invite you to trunk show that we collaborate with EŸN VAS in Omotesando, Tokyo for 3 days from May 31st Friday to June 2nd Sunday, 2019.

This show is an opportunity that you can order the collection of KEI SHIGENAGA and EŸN VAS. 

Date : May 31st, Friday - June 2nd, Sunday, 2019

Time : 12:00 - 18:00

Location : Urasando Garden (2nd Floor)

Address : 4-15-2 jingumae shibuyaku Tokyo


EŸN VAS is a design studio examining a considered and adapted way of life founded by Jona Sees, a former designer of the clothing label InAisce.

A quest for a quieter existence in the modern world has led us to remote hermitages, months in the wilderness, through sacred lands and across dimensions.
While finding respite from the noise, EŸN VAS has sought to cultivate this art of living within the tumult of civilization.
Their wardrobe was conceived to this end.
Timelessly elegant, inter-seasonal, and effortlessly adaptable, it offers simplicity and freedom from clutter, creating physical and mental space for a more expansive human experience.

Lastly and importantly, we are making an extremely limited number of KEI SHIGENAGA for EŸN VAS collaboration sterling silver piece for this show. 

Designed by Jona Sees and inspired by “Enso” which is in Zen, a circle that is hand-drawn uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

Made of oxidized sterling silver with melted 18k gold,

We are looking forward to seeing you then.



2019年5月31日(金)〜6月2日(日)の三日間、表参道にてEŸN VASと合同でトラクショーを開催致します。
会期中はKEI SHIGENAGAのデザイナーである重永、ディレクターの下里に加え、EŸN VASを主宰するデザイナーのJona Seesも在廊しております。

国内で唯一EŸN VASの作品を手に取り、オーダー出来る貴重な機会となっております。
また会期に伴い、KEI SHIGENAGA for EŸN VASとして禅における書画の一つである「円相」から着想を得た、数量限定のコラボレーションピアスの販売をいたします。


EŸN VAS : 2015年に惜しまれつつも幕を閉じたNew Yorkを拠点とするクロージングレーベルInAisceのデザイナーであるJona Seesが、New YorkとPortlandに拠点を置き主宰するデザインスタジオ。

日程 : 5月31日(金) ~ 6月2日(日)
時間 : 12:00 ~ 18:00
場所 : 裏参道ガーデン(2階)
住所 : 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前4丁目15-2