Living in the United States for seven years, including a period dedicated to silversmithing in New York, Shigenaga has sought to absorb aspects from various cultures. Shimosato had resided in New York for the past ten years whilst working in the fashion industry.

After spending years in a foreign country, we both realized the unique traditions of our own culture by looking in as outsiders, concluding that respectable artisan works can exist even in today's fast-paced environment.

Once Shigenaga relocated back to Japan, these experiences and feelings were further explored through key elements of naturistic inspiration and Japanese traditions.
And thus, KEI SHIGENAGA was founded in 2015.

All of our jewelry is carefully produced by hand in Tokyo for preeminent quality. We also strictly pursue the beauty of material in itself and apply that to all adornments. Most importantly, we chase the ultimate comfort to make all of our pieces as if your own body.

We believe craftsmanship should be indistinguishable and that there still exist people who can share this outlook together with us. Slowly, but with certainty, we will continue creating and curating our pieces. We hope you can join in on our long journey.

Sincerely Co-founders Kei Shigenaga & Wataru Shimosato