Gyokuro Bangle 18k Yellow Gold [Collaboration with Tomo Kishida]


How to Order
You can pick 3 colors of ceramic dews from a choice of 5 to make your own Gyokuro bangle with solid 18k yellow gold dew. 

・Karasuba / 烏羽 - Black
・Yanagi / 柳 - Green White
・Akasumi / 赤墨 - Dark Brown
・Kitsune / 狐 - Brown White
・Geppaku / 月白 - White


Ceramic, sterling silver, and solid 18k yellow gold.
It comes with randomly picked Tomo's hand weaving Sakiori garment package - it will be used an one of a kind materials and colors.
Since our products are processed by hand, no two items result are identical, including the colors and shape of ceramic dews.


Gyokuro - the jewel dew is the collaboration piece made with Japanese clothing label Tomo Kishida who is based in Osaka and making clothes entirely by hand from weaving his garments and even growing cotton in his grandfather's field.
Handmade ceramic buttons are used for his clothes, and we designed ceramic balls for this collaboration.

The tag, we made a ceramic tag with embossing Tomo's sakiori garments, then cast to the metal. 

This product is a "Made to Order" and will take about 3 months for the item to be shipped after you made your payment.

About Tomo Kishida
From cultivating the cotton, spinning the yarn, making a pattern, sewing, dyeing, and more processes to come to produce the clothes.
Tomo is trying all of these done by his hand with the deepest enthusiasm.
Currently, Tomo has mainly two different lines, such as “uni iroikas” and “Land to Skin”.
The products in uni iroikas are made with Japanese traditional handweaving Sakiori technique by using the scraps of overproduced fabrics, to reconsider industry waste.
Land to Skin is an experimental project that he makes clothes from nothing, all by his hands.

Sound "Gyokuro" composed by MEITEI for this collaboration
Blending contemporary sound techniques with profound reverence for Japanese folklore, Meitei is a Hiroshima-based composer driven by a concept he refers to as “lost Japanese mood”: on aesthetics from a bygone era that are gradually dissipating from Japan’s cultures. This led to the creation of Meitei’s peculiar sound world, which exists between the temporal gap between past and present, illusion, and reality.

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