Ryu Necklace


Sterling silver with a hand-polished finish and solid 18k gold tag.
Since our products are processed by hand, no two items' results are identical. 


Ryu necklace was inspired by two Japanese carps swimming together. The tradition tells that a carp swims upstream to become a dragon, and the name Ryu "龍" means a dragon in Japanese.
Melted 18k gold was applied into the two scars on the carp's head, which tells the story of the carp trying its best to chase the dream, and it is a series of our homage to traditional Japanese Kintsugi, artistic methods to rebirth broken pottery with gold to give the scar a new life.
The solid 18k gold tag with our brand logo comes at the end of the sterling silver chain.


This product is a "Made to Order" and will take about 3 months for the item to be shipped after you make your payment.

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